Here’s How Chungha Reacted When a Fan Proposed to Her During a Performance

A female fan asked Chungha to marry her.

Chungha recently performed at a college festival held at Korea University where she hyped up the stage with some of her hit songs.

As usual, Chungha looked absolutely gorgeous in a red blouse, black shorts, and sexy boots that went up above her knees.

On this evening, Chungha slayed her performances of “Gotta Go” and “Roller Coaster”.

She even showed her appreciation for fans by providing all sorts of fan service throughout her performance.

That’s when she discovered a sign that read, “Unnie, please marry me!” in the middle of the crowd.

As soon as Chungha saw this, she smiled brightly, held up her left hand, and shook her fingers up and down as if she was asking her to put a ring on it.

In response, the fans got especially excited and cheered at Chungha’s acceptance of the sudden marriage proposal.

Check out the video below:


Source: Insight