CHUNGHA Makes The Airport Her Runway In Her Casual Fashion

Simplicity is key!

CHUNGHA is heading to Milan, Italy for a schedule and she showed up in the airport like it was her own runway!

She showed up in her good old blue jeans, paired it with a plain white top and wore a black jacket and a matching black scarf to keep her warm! She also accessorized with her go-to sunglasses and tied her hair in a bun!

Her outfit looks so simple, yet so stylish and chic at the same time! As always, her casual fashion, especially when at the airport, is one of the best and most stylish!

Here are some photos of her other best airport outfits!

Here, she keeps it simple with a black and white ensemble!

She also warms up in her own stylish way with this army green padded jacket!

She also enjoys wearing bright colored pieces to give her look more life than it already has!

As expected, CHUNGHA always dresses up well whenever she’s headed overseas or back home! Her casual fashion at the airport never disappoints and always slays!