CIX’s Hyunsuk Revealed That He Reads Each And Every Fan Letter He Receives

And he revealed how much those letters mean to him!

CIX‘s Hyunsuk deeply touched many hearts when he not only revealed that he reads all of the letters he receives from fans but also shared just how much the letters from FIX mean to him.

Image: @CIX_Official/Twitter

Through one CIX vlog, Hyunsuk shared that he had a box full of letters he had received from fans. Showcasing his own letterbox, Hyunsuk went on to explain that each member of CIX has their own box where they receive mail from FIX.

At our company, each member of CIX has a letterbox. I brought it here to read the letters from fans!

— Hyunsuk

As soon as he was done sharing this information with fans, Hyunsuk immediately pulled one of the letters out and began reading it with the biggest smile on his face!

Should I read this? It is from a very cute FIX.

— Hyunsuk

Following his reading session, however, Hyunsuk turned serious as he shared how he really feels whenever he reads a message or letter from FIX…

When FIX write letters like this, it makes me feel really good. When you send me a fan cafe message, a letter, a story about what happened today, or things like that; when I read it, I feel really touched.

— Hyunsuk

Before assuring fans that, although they may be worried whether or not the members read their letters, CIX read each and every one of them!

FIX must have worries or thoughts like, ‘What if I send a letter to Hyunsuk or the other members and they don’t read it?’ You must be worried, but all the letters that FIX send get put in our boxes and every day we will take them home to read. I always read all the letters that FIX send us!

— Hyunsuk

Just one more reason to love CIX and Hyunsuk! Check out Hyunsuk’s letter confession for yourself below: