CL and Park Bom spotted supporting Dara’s film debut

Sandara Park’s Korean film debut was extra special after she got a visit from her fellow bandmates, CL and Bom

2NE1 may have parted way last year but the members made sure that they support each other’s personal endeavors.

On March 29, Sandara Park celebrated the release of her latest film, One Step. The film is the Korean remake of the original American film, Begin Again, and also stars Han Jae Suk, Cho Dong In and more.

Aside from the cast and production staff, a number of celebrities were also present to the support the release of the film including Sandara Park’s former bandmates, CL and Bom. They sent their congratulations to Sandara via Twitter and Instagram.

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Since their disbandment, the members maintained a close relationship as seen through their many interactions. Recently, the members reunited virtually for CL and Bom’s birthdays which warmed the hearts of their loyal followers.

The movie will be released in theaters across South Korea on April 6.