Former 2NE1’s Sandara Park Signs Up For CL’s Weverse And Leaves Some Touching Messages

Blackjacks, where ya at?

Former 2NE1‘s iconic leader, CL, recently joined the Weverse family. Of course, her fellow former member had to show her support. Sandara Park immediately made herself an account and the first thing she did was announce her presence.

  • Sandara: “Hi?! It’s me… CL Fans CEO!”
  • CL: “Darong”
  • CL: “So what time are we meeting tomorrow?”
  • CL: “CL Fans CEO!!!!”

After CL has noticed her presence, Sandara continued to interact with the other Blackjacks.

| theqoo

Is this where Blackjacks gather?! Nice to meet you^.^

— Sandara Park

It seems like the next day, the two did indeed meet-up, as Sandara left new posts on the fan cafe.

| theqoo

I ordered rice cakes and soondae and chicken~ to where you are. Chaerin-ah, I’m hungry~~

— Sandara Park

Fans were thrilled to see that the members of 2NE1 seem to be as close as ever! As the group is now disbanded, it is rare to see them interact in a public capacity.

| @daraxxi/Instagram

Currently, CL is pursuing her solo career as an artist, while Sandara continues to be an MC and host on multiple shows. Minzy is also now a solo singer. Park Bom has not been in the public eye since Queendom. Take a look at CL’s fresh music video below.

Source: theqoo