CL Shows Off Her Fun Personality With Quirky Chuseok Post

Her natural charisma made fans smile.

CL, formerly of the group 2NE1, posted a Chuseok greeting on September 13 (KST). The post, simply captioned “happy chuseok #krthanksgiving”, was a reflection of her fun and unique personality, which easily makes her stand out among her peers.

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+해피 추석+#🇰🇷thanksgiving

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The post itself was composed of three images that strongly showcased different sides of her personality, letting her natural charisma shine through.

While fans were excited to be updated on CL’s life and took the time to write thoughtful Chuseok greetings to her, it was undeniable that the third photo in the post was a fan-favorite.

The third and last picture in the slideshow was of CL as the moon with a rabbit standing on her. Reactions ranged from simple observations (“That last pic!”) to admiration (“I can see a CL moon shining at me and now I’m happy”).

Did CL’s Chuseok post make you smile?