Clara Lee Accidentally Drops Her Towel While Dancing In Front Of Camera

It’s not exactly what you think it is though.

Actress Clara recorded herself dancing in front of the camera, when the towel wrapped around her body dropped!

Clara picked up what seems to be a video call as she exited the bathroom with her hair wet and her body wrapped in a shower towel.

Oppa, you called? I was in the shower so I missed your call.

— Clara

Then in her aegyo-boosted apology, she does a little dance with her upper body that ends up releasing the towel.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

— Clara

She immediately picked up the towel and tried frantically to cover up the camera to hide her bare body.

Fortunately, the wardrobe malfunction isn’t real. This video is part of a commercial for an online game, Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds.

While fans were glad the towel slip was a fake, they are concerned about the nature of the game’s commercial. In fact, when released, Clara and the game developer, Nexon Company, both received heavy criticism for using sex appeal to promote an all-ages game.

  • “How does this promote the game???”

  • “What the hell, Nexon!”

  • “Pathetic. She cries in front of the media about her ‘sexy image’ and wonders why she gets hate for wearing revealing clothes and her promiscuous actions, when here she is doing some ad or whatever that looks similar to some porno. And she wonders why she gets hate. Pathetic, really pathetic.”

  • “This is literally borderline pornography.”

  • “What does Clara’s shower have anything to do with the game…?”

Watch the full version of the controversial commercial below: