CLC’s Sorn Updates Fans On Previous Income Issues

She updates fans on her situation.

In 2017, CLC‘s Sorn did an interview in Thai that explains the foreign idols do not get paid the same as the Korean members. Previously, she and Hong Konger member Elkie were receiving almost 6 times less than her Korean members.

When discussed with Cube Entertainment, they explained that the income laws in Thailand and Korea were not compatible, so while the money was still rightfully Sorn’s, she would only receive a small amount while the rest would be kept by the FKMP.

The organization has since been trying to solve this problem after Sorn reached out to them. Now, two years later, Sorn revealed on her Instagram story that she has received all her past income that she didn’t receive in the past. The CLC member held a Q&A on Instagram in which a fan asked, and she updated everyone on the good news. Congratulations, Sorn!