CNBLUE Yonghwa threatens to expose sasaeng fan for stalking him

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa threatened to upload security footage if his sasaeng fans don’t stop going to his house and sending rude messages to his family.

CNBLUE recently held a fan signing event in Incheon for their new album 7°CN, in which the leader Yonghwa gave a strong warning to any sasaeng, or obsessive, fans who may have been present at the event.

Just before the event came to an end, the members all stood up to say their closing statements and say goodbye to their fans. However, Yonghwa decided to address the issues he was facing with his sasaeng fan’s overbearing behavior.

“Oh and please, don’t come to my house, and please don’t send texts to my family, they receive too many so they’re having a really difficult time. I looked at my security footage and saw that person [sasaeng fan] walking so casually over to my car, showing that she’s been here more than one or two times. Anyway, if you come one more time, I’m going to upload it on the Internet. I’m going to upload the security footage showing your face. You can look forward to it.”

— CNBLUE’s Yonghwa


Other members also expressed that they wished they could screenshot the messages they receive from their sasaeng fans and show everyone, but knew that would be inappropriate.

Fans supported his decision and some even asked him to “just upload it” or to share it with them at the event, in hopes to alleviate Yonghwa’s stress. However, he expressed that he wasn’t allowed to do that.