Lilly Singh meets BTS at the AMAs and totally fangirls

BTS’s sensational performance at the American Music Awards is creating buzz even among the celebrities who attended the show!

Lilly Singh, a Youtube star with over 12 million subscribers, shared her day at the American Music Awards.

She was invited to present an award at the show and got a pretty sweet seat at the front of the 7,000 seated theater.

Lilly was thoroughly enjoying her night, dancing and singing along with the performers.

When the Chainsmokers introduced the BTS, she confessed that although she is not too familiar with them, she is excited to see them as she’s been hearing the fans’ chant all evening long.

As the performance went on, she could not believe what she had witnessed and immediately fell in love with them.

“BTS is right over there and I’m trying to get them to look at me.”

— Lilly Singh

She liked them so much, that she used her backstage privileges to fangirl BTS!

And she couldn’t stop talking about the moment she shook hands with Jungkook!

“I got to meet them and they’re so lovely.

So smiley and happy. Just jolly people!”

— Lilly Singh


“Whatever language I gotta learn, let a sister know right now!”

— Lilly Singh

Wherever BTS goes, they recruit more and more A.R.M.Y, regardless of their celebrity status!

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Watch the full clip of Lilly Singh’s day at the AMAs.