The Steamiest EXO Kiss Scenes That Were Broadcast On TV

If you’ve never been jealous when watching your biases’ kissing scene, this compilation of EXO’s kissing scenes will make you insanely jealous.

At some point, most fans will see their biases acting in a kiss scene whether it be in a music video or drama. Seeing your bias acting in a kiss scene can be a very bittersweet moment full of swooning and jealousy! That is especially true for EXO fans, as the members of EXO have had several different kiss scenes and each one hurt just a little more than the last- but that doesn’t mean they weren’t sent into a frenzy as each scene was absolutely golden.

It’s undeniable that we all can’t help but wish we were their partner in these kiss scenes, and when you see this compilation of EXO’s kiss scenes you will definitely wish you were her!

Check out the dreamy kiss scenes below:

D.O “Be Positive”

This scene may not have been a steamy scene, but it was very adorable and amusing to watch.


Suho “The Universe’s Star”

This scene stayed true to his gentleman and gentle like personality.

Baekhyun “Moon Lovers”

This scene is just as adorable as you’d imagine Baekhyun’s kissing scene to be.


Chanyeol “So I Married My Anti-fan”

Now this scene was steamy!

Kai “Choco Bank”

This scene was very relaxing and sweet just like Kai’s personality.