Crash Landing On You’s Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Test How Well They Know Each Other

They are so sweet!

Hit drama Crash Landing On You stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin played a game to test how well they know each other.

They played a small game of compliment battle with a twist! They read out compliments to each other given by their fans and among those compliments is one written by their co-star. They had to guess which compliment was written by the other and put their knowledge of each other to the test!

The first compliment was read by Son Ye Jin which said “Memories of Hyunbin. I love his dimples. I could insert toothpicks in them, one in each and they won’t drop out, they’re so deep. I love his teeth, they’re so dazzling white they blind me. I love his shoulders. They’re so broad and stretch that suit to perfection.”

Although he was thankful, Hyun Bin didn’t quite think that this compliment came from Son Ye Jin! “I don’t think she wrote this,” he said.

He proceeded to read the first compliment for Son Ye Jin which goes “Don’t give the title of “Melo Queen” to just anyone. It belongs to Son Ye Jin in Korea,” which she denied was written by Hyun Bin!

Another compliment Son Ye Jin read for Hyun Bin said, “This guy is flawless. It’s like all the flowers put in the world together.” And again, Hyun Bin was thankful, but doubted that Son Ye Jin would write such a compliment!

Hyun Bin read the next compliment, “If your beauty goes crazy, you will become like this. You must live like a human. You will hurt the people around you if your beauty goes crazy. Oh my heart.”

Son Ye Jin was clearly flattered with the compliment, but doubted Hyun Bin would tell her something like that!

They both proceeded to read more compliments for each other and after, they guessed which compliment came from each other!

Hyun Bin chose the compliment that read, “This guy is flawless. It’s like all the flowers in the world put together.” And Son Ye Jin chose the compliment that said, “What a worth spirit… such a magnetic force… delicate and gentle. A surprising strength, docile yet intelligent. Seductive yet romantic. What a stunning performer. Bravo, Son Ye Jin!”

In the end they revealed which compliments they wrote for each other, and were surprised they chose wrong!

Hyun Bin was especially shocked when he read the sweet compliment Son Ye Jin gave him, even asking if it was a scam, and if someone helped her when coming up with it! But Son Ye Jin admitted that it was solely her who wrote it, and that she did her own research!

Oppa, I first saw you when I was in my 2nd year of middle school. I think it was when you appeared as Kang Gook in Ireland. Hyun Bin oppa is the best actor in my life. I listen to the OST, “If It Isn’t Me” everyday. I have watched all of your projects since then. The more I watch your acting, the more touched I am. I will always support and cheer for you.

While So Ye Jin was touched with the compliment Hyun Bin gave her, which read “I cheer on the beauty and acting skills of Actress Son, who always works hard whenever and wherever. Don’t hold back on that beauty and that acting ability, and continue working hard like a cow! “Cow” Ye Jin fighting!”

“Cow” Ye Jin is a nickname Son Ye Jin received for being hardworking like a cow, and Hyun Bin clearly knew about it! While Son Ye Jin did her rigorous research to compose that compliment for Hyun Bin! They are truly fans of each other as well!

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