You’ll Crave Chinese Food After Watching This Mukbang Of Foodie Queens Hyeri X Hwasa

I’m drooling? No, you’re drooling.

We all know and love former Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa to be the two biggest up-and-coming mukbang stars of K-Pop. With their appetites and stomachs for good food, Hyeri and Hwasa have definitely won themselves the titles for being Korea’s favorite food fighters. And when these mukbang queens came together on one show to boast their love for Chinese food, Korean viewers had no choice but to order some too!


In celebration of its 6th year anniversary, the show I Live Alone hosted a picnic and invited its previous guest stars. Hyeri and Hwasa made appearances and had a blast playing games and interacting with other guests.


Their time to shine came when everyone decided to order some Chinese food delivered. Hyeri and Hwasa immediately lit up at the sight of “Jjajangmyun (짜장면, blackbean noodles)” and “Tangsuyook (탕수육, sweet and sour pork)” on the table.


Hyeri, with her usual passionate approach to food, began stuffing her face with the noodles.


Just by watching her take huge bites out of the bowl, Korean viewers were starting to feel a little hungry…


… but the craving really kicked in once Hwasa started eating. Hwasa wowed everyone at the picnic and the viewers too with her huge appetite. As TVXQ’s Yunho pointed out, “There is something different about the way she eats.”

I’ve seen her eat on TV… but to see her eat in real life? That was something different.

— Yunho


Even Hyeri got into mukbang-viewer mode as she admired Hwasa’s graceful eating. She copied Hwasa by watching what she eats and then trying it herself!


It was a feast with two mukbang stars clearing the table – and the viewers were left starving for some Chinese food!


Watch the mouthwatering moment here:

Source: THEQOO