CRAVITY Were Ready To Roast The Member Who Ignores All Their Messages

“You don’t even reply to personal messages.”

CRAVITY sat down for an interview with BuzzFeed Celeb for a round of Who’s Who, giving them the perfect excuse to roast the member who’s always ignoring all their messages.

CRAVITY | @CRAVITYstarship/Twitter

When the interviewer asked which member was the one who often goes “ghost in the group chat,” all of them had the same person in mind.

Taeyoung spoke for them as everyone pointed to the maknae (youngest member), “Of course, it’s Seongmin.” The maknae had a reason for going ghost, though.

He didn’t want to type something in their group chat that didn’t add to the conversation. Seongmin explained, “I don’t know what to reply.” His members didn’t let him off that easy.

Wonjin made them laugh by calling Seongmin out even more. He revealed, “You don’t even reply to personal messages.

Even Woobin joined in on the roasting by pointing out just how much Seongmin ignores them. Woobin said, “You don’t even pick up your phone.

The members were so hilariously passionate about calling out Seongmin that he cutely warned them to relax a little.

Check out how eager they were to call out the member who might need to start sending a message or two in the group chat.