Crush Once Revealed His Ideal Type Was None Other Than Red Velvet’s Joy

But before it was Joy, it was a different Red Velvet member!

Crush and Red Velvet‘s Joy just recently confirmed their relationship, but Crush actually revealed his interest in Joy last year!

Joy (left) and Crush (right). | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

However, his ideal type was actually someone else before Joy! During an appearance on the show Radio Star in 2018, Crush said his ideal type is someone who works hard.

| Radio Star/MBC 

But then he quickly got more specific and named Irene!

| Radio Star/MBC 

Crush revealed that he once saw Irene backstage at a music show and was blown away by her beauty to the point where he said out loud, “She’s so pretty.

| Radio Star/MBC 

When Crush returned to Radio Star in October 2020, he explained that he and Joy had spoken about the episode while working together on their collaboration, “Mayday.”

| Radio Star/MBC 

Joy told him she watched the episode, which flustered Crush. He then told Joy that she was actually his ideal type!

| Radio Star/MBC 

The hosts joked that Joy must have been offended at receiving such a comment, but the fact that she and Crush are now happily seeing each other says otherwise!

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

The clip of him saying Joy is his ideal type has resurfaced online as fans are buzzing over their dating news. Their relationship is seriously so cute, and we wish them all the best!

Source: Instagram

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