The current rankings of today’s boy group

A poll was recently published with netizens choosing their favorite boy group bias nowadays with interesting results. 

According to the original post on the blog, BIGBANG was not included in the original poll as it “seemed obvious” what they’re ranking was in today’s entertainment industry with their top position unarguable. Other groups included were EXO, SHINee, Block B, BTS and many other well-known groups.

Despite having  undergone a recent lineup change after member Hyunseung left the group, BEAST made a comeback as a five-member group with success. They proved to not have shown any loss in popularity as they took over 34% of the votes, or 204 votes. Coming in second was SHINee, Block B, JYJ, WINNER, EXO, INFINITE, iKON and BTS in third through 9th respectively.

What do you think of the results? Who’s #1 in your heart?

#1 BEAST – 204 votes
#2 SHINee – 89 votes
#3 Block B – 71 votes
#4 JYJ – 57 votes
#5 WINNER – 51 votes
#6 EXO – 46 votes
#7 INFINITE – 33 votes
#8 iKON – 20 votes
#9 BTS – 14 votes


Source: Pann