D.O. becomes overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing a familiar face in the audience

EXO‘s D.O. is currently promoting his movie, Hyung which was recently released in theaters, but he was surprised by a familiar face in the audience.

The familiar face was none other than Chanyeol‘s mother, who kindly greeted him, “Kyungsoo-ya, mom is here!” The SM Entertainment artist was taken back by her sudden appearance and he greeted her with a warm smile.

D.O. announced to the audience that Chanyeol’s mother was there and fans were just as surprised and happily cheered her on.

Chanyeol’s mother left her seat as they both warmly embraced each other and she handed him a bouquet of flowers. She also congratulated him on his movie and told him to visit her soon.

As she returned to her seat, D.O. thanked her and told her he would call her soon.

A fan caught the sweet moment on camera! Watch the lovely exchange below!

EXO's D.O.
D.O. is surprised by Chanyeol’s mother’s sudden appearance.
D.O. and Chanyeol’s mother warmly embraced in a hug.
EXO's D.O.
D.O. smiled as he hugged Chanyeol’s mother back.
EXO's D.O.
D.O. is so happy to see her as he poured his happiness into their hug.
EXO's D.O.
D.O.’s full attention is focused Chanyeol’s mother.
EXO's D.O.
D.O. smiled the audience as he tightly grasped the beautiful bouquet of flowers that Chanyeol’s mother gave him.

One of D.O.’s fan sites who was present at the D.O.’s fan meeting also attended EXO’s Hats On meeting and surprised Chanyeol with a gift. The gift was a photo taken by D.O.’s fan site and Chanyeol expressed his surprise and happiness upon receiving the gift.

Aside from promoting his Hyung movie, D.O., and his EXO members are currently in Japan for their EXO’DRIUM concert tour.