5 Videos Proving Why OH MY GIRL’s YooA Is A Dancing Queen

This girl’s got moves worthy of a royal title.

Sometimes in discussions of who is the best in a particular skill, some talented individuals are unintentionally forgotten or fly just a bit too far under the radar. In the beginning, OH MY GIRL‘s main dancer YooA was one of these examples, but now she’s starting to receive the recognition for her dancing that she deserves. Here are just a few examples of why YooA is now being recognized as one of K-Pop’s dancing queens.

“Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson

YooA’s solo dance cover of Michael Jackson’s legendary song was performed on the collaboration episode of Mnet’s Queendom. Even though the show was ultimately about group performance, this solo stage showed why YooA is OH MY GIRL’s main dancer. As soon as the music starts, you can see that she embodies the legend himself, and judging by the reactions of her fellow members and competitors, they can sense it too.

“Kick It” by NCT 127

As part of Dispatch’s Instagram “5M Challenge,” YooA performed a cover of NCT 127‘s martial arts-inspired song “Kick It.” She later also performed that cover on SBS‘s new variety show Dancing Idol, where she was an MC. YooA was able to carry the intensity of the original choreography in her cover yet still add her own swag, proving that she’s got some unrivaled dancing skills.

“Traffic” by O.T Genasis

If there was ever a dance cover that epitomized swag, this is it. Everything about YooA’s performance to O.T Genasis‘s song, from the hard-hitting yet smooth moves to the timely facial expressions, it all exudes the feeling that she’s one that shouldn’t be messed with. Not quite convinced and need more proof? Just check out her cover below.

“Lights Up” by Harry Styles

What’s especially unique about YooA’s dance cover to this song is that it’s also performed to her very own vocal cover of the song, making the performance extra special. Two video versions were recorded (day and night versions), but regardless of the time day, YooA’s unique musical interpretations and honed dancing skills always shine through.


This fan-favorite by her group might not look like it has the most complicated of choreographies, but being a masterful dancer isn’t just about executing complex moves or sequences. It’s also about musical and lyrical interpretation, and this video shows how YooA excels in just that.

No matter how you look at it, YooA is a talented all-around performer, especially when it comes to dancing. Are there any other noteworthy performances of her that we missed?