Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri Calls Kang Min Kyung a Parasite for Staying at Her House for a Week

Kang Min Kyung and Tissue (dog) didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri recently shared a series of text messages which revealed why her fellow member, Kang Min Kyung had to stay at her house for a week, and the hilarious negotiation that took place beforehand.

Lee Hae Ri revealed the first series of messages along with the caption, “Questionable tenant…

Min Kyung: Unnie. Can I stay with you for a week? I won’t bother you, I’ll do everything you ask, and I’ll do laundry and get you coffee every morning.

Hae Ri: What are you saying?

Min Kyung: I’ll even buy your meals.

Hae Ri: Did you get a private loan?

Min Kyung: I’m getting repair work done on my washroom, hahahahaha. So there’s no water.

– Chat Log

And that was just the beginning of their negotiation:

Min Kyung: I’ll do everything  you ask.

Hae Ri: No way.

Min Kyung: I’ll drive you everywhere.

Hae Ri: How much are you paying me?

Min Kyung: I’ll buy you coffee every morning. Answer me first.

Hae Ri: I said, how much are you paying me?

Min Kyung: I’ll sleep on the couch. What?

Hae Ri: Tenant.

Min Kyung: 100,000 won (~$84 USD) a day.

Hae Ri: Chores.

Min Kyung. I’ll do chores.

Hae Ri: All of them?

– Chat Log

Min Kyung: I’ll buy all the food.

Hae Ri: Promise?

Min Kyung: I’ll get you coffee every morning.

Hae Ri: Wow. Starbucks.

Min Kyung: Cheese sandwiches. Starbucks. I have nowhere else to go with Tissue (Min Kyung’s dog).

– Chat Log

Kang Min Kyung even promised not to eat with her, and that she would eat next to the dog bowl, and Lee Hae Ri even captioned the chat, “Kang-Parasite”, making it that much funnier.

Min Kyung: Tissue and I won’t eat with you.

Hae Ri: Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Min Kyung: I’ll eat next to Potato’s (Hae Ri’s dog) bowl.

Hae Ri: This is strangely satisfying.

Min Kyung: Hahahaha. Nice!

Hae Ri: What time are you coming on Thursday? Aren’t we having a birthday party that night?

– Chat Log

And the hilarious interaction didn’t end there. When Kang Min Kyung later posted on her Instagram asking, “Who wants to watch ‘Parasite’ 6 more times this weekend?” Lee Hae Ri had something to say about that.

Hae Ri: What are you going to be doing this weekend? You’re going to be busy doing my chores.

Min Kyung: You have it all figured out, don’t you, Unnie?

– Instagram

Fans are loving this honest interaction and are responding with comments such as “That’s just how close they are“, “I love both of them“, and “This is hilarious“.

Source: Dispatch