Designer Peter Do Solves The Mystery Of Why He Never Shows His Face

There’s a valuable meaning behind the mask.

Whether posing with fellow celebrities or posting to Instagram, fashion designer Peter Do always keeps his face hidden beneath a chic black mask. Because people are curious why the designer keeps such a low profile, Peter Do ended the mystery with a response.

NCT’s Johnny and Peter Do. | @doxpeter/Instagram

While filming with Loic Prigent, the fashion outlet asked the designer if he had “reservations” about revealing his face to the public. That was far from the case for Peter Do.

Peter Do shared where he wanted the focus of the public to be. He simply responded, “I just want to be known for my work.

He enjoyed his life away from the public eye. Peter Do continued, “I like my privacy. I’m not a celebrity kind of designer.

Peter Do emphasized the importance of making stunning designs rather than experiencing fame.

I like to make clothes. I want to make beautiful clothes. I want to build a house in New York.

Other than that, the celebrities and fame side of fashion is not what I’m interested in. It’s not why I’m doing this.

— Peter Do

Peter Do proves that passion holds more importance than dollar signs and the scrutiny of fame.