Fans are in love with this video of DIA’s Chaeyeon making faces at the camera

DIA‘s Chaeyeon posted a short video on Instagram showing off her adorable facial expressions and melting fans’ hearts.

Chaeyeon recently posted the cute video on DIA’s official Instagram page. In the video, she playfully makes several expressions, each one more charming than the last, before saying goodbye to her fans with a wink and a wave.

After I.O.I disbanded at the end of January, the group’s members have been increasingly active on social media in order to stay close to each other, and their fans. Recently the group took over Chaeyeon’s personal Instagram in order to give love to fellow I.O.I member Sohye.

Even though I.O.I has ended their activities, Chaeyeon continues to work hard for DIA, whom she debuted with before joining Produce 101 and I.O.I. She spoke out about having to juggle the activities of two girl groups at the same time.