A Fan In A Wheelchair Shares The Simple Way That DIA Changed His Life

“It might seem like nothing, but it’s a big help for me.”

A netizen recently appeared online to share a heartwarming story about the girl group DIA! The person revealed themselves as “Mr. W,” who explained DIA had given him strength and changed his life.

I have to be in a wheelchair because I have a bit of a disability. Whenever I go to a fan meeting, I either can’t go up on the stage because it’s too high or I have to wait until the end for the managers to help me up. This time, no one was there to help, so the members [of DIA] had to come down to me. I thought they would stand because that’s how everyone comes to see me. However, the members sat down and talked to me by making eye contact. I was really touched. I never thought too much about it because I was never treated like a person all my life. Since then, I thought I should live diligently, earning money and meeting friends.

—Mr. W

| XportsNews

He added that he truly hopes DIA does well, as they made him want to live his life to the fullest again. Mr. W also provided photos of the members actually kneeling and sitting to greet him at eye level. Fans were moved by seeing the members’ kind and attentive looks.

| XportsNews

On April 13th, XportsNews had a phone interview with Mr. W to get more detail about his situation and DIA.

I didn’t have the urge to fully live until senior year of high school. I coincidently saw DIA’s performance and thought that they were very diligent even though they’re around the same age as me. After watching them, I decided to study again and I was comforted by them. Then, I went to see them in person… I asked member Yebin, ‘Why aren’t you standing instead of kneeling?’ Yebin said, ‘didn’t you come to see our faces? I want to talk to you while making eye contact.’ This was the first time I was treated with love by someone who was not my family.

—Mr. W

| XportsNews

Mr. W added that at a seperate fan sign event, Yebin had actually cried when she heard his life story. “I received strength from the DIA members and decided to live diligently as they did.” He continuedIt might seem like nothing, but it’s a big help for me.”

| @dia_official/Twitter

XportsNews also was able to contact the DIA members directly to quickly ask them about Mr. W.

We remember him because he came to the fan sign events and the concerts often. We’re so thankful! We naturally acted that way because we just wanted to talk with our fans who made their way just to see us. I saw the fan’s post and saw that our small actions gave him strength, so we felt many different feelings. I can also live day to day differently thanks to him.


Source: XportsNews