The Difference Between Choo Sarang’s Parents Can Be Seen In Their Photos Of Her

Moms and dads have very different approaches to taking photos of their beloved children, and Choo Sarang is the prime example in showing you that difference through her parents’ personal Instagram accounts.

Choo Sarang’s Mother’s Instagram

Japanese model Yano Shiho, uploaded photos of Choo Sarang in cute, lovely poses; often showing the beautiful relationship between mother and daughter.

A post shared by SHIHO (@shiho_style) on

A post shared by SHIHO (@shiho_style) on

Some photos included Choo Sarang and her mother gazing into each other’s eyes and sharing ice cream, while another showed Choo Sarang deep in sleep, looking angelic as ever.

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Choo Sarang’s Father’s Instagram

Choo Sung Hoon, her fighter father, showed a more humorous side where Choo Sarang’s cheekiness and love for making funny faces was evident.

Photos of Choo Sarang’s cheeks smushed up by her father’s hands (and vice versa), as well as a hilarious face swap all invoked plenty of laughs among fans.

Not all photos on Choo Sung Hoon’s Instagram consisted of cheeky Choo Sarang, however, and there were extremely beautiful ones that captured their amazing relationship:


This one’s taken from Choo Sarang’s own Instagram account and it perfectly encapsulates her relationship with her father.

Source: Joongang Ilbo