The difference between male and female idol hand sizes is heart fluttering

In many occasions in which male and female celebrities are pictured together, their differences in hand sizes cause fans hearts to flutter from the difference in size!

During movie premiers and other ceremonies in which celebrities are usually accompanied by a date or a costar of the opposite gender, the sizes of hands can be compared when photographed.

Big hands for males is often a very desired physical feature as it can portray strength and manliness, while small hands are sought after by women, for it can show delicacy and femininity.

Check out these adorable couples that clearly show the difference in hand sizes!

Park Bo Young and Ji Soo make a heart during the premier for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Check out the difference in their hand sizes!

Kim Soo Hyun and Song Jihyo play a round of rock-paper-scissors on Running Man. 

Irene holds onto Park Bo Gum‘s hands during a performance on Music Bank. Look at how small Irene’s hands are!

This photo clearly shows the difference in hand sizes between V, Kim So Hyun, and Zico while they were hosting an episode of Music Core.

Park Bo Young jokingly strangles costar Park Hyung Sik during a drama press conference. Her tiny fist looks so small next to his large hands!

Seo Kang Joon was accompanied by Kang Han Na during the 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards. Her small hands link around Kang Joon’s firm arms.

Park Bo Gum and Seolhyun walk down the red carpet together as Bo Gum waves to reveal his large hands.