Luxury Fashion House Dior Announces Their Newest Collection Was Inspired By BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

We can see her in all these outfits.

It’s no secret that BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo suits the brand Dior perfectly. As Dior’s global ambassador, the star has been rocking Dior bags, makeup and ‘fits all year. This time, ahead of the 2021 F/W collection, Dior themselves announced that the collection was highly inspired by Jisoo.

With a cool-girl meets Catholic schoolgirl theme, you can absolutely picture Jisoo in all these outfits. Check out a few key pieces from the runway.

1. This Alice in Wonderland inspired pinafore

Cute and cool comes together perfectly here with the laser-cut leather pinafore in a sweet, ruffled cut.

| Dior

2. A gorgeous tulle dress

Jisoo often rocks sweetheart or strapless necklines. The small red rose at the waist also adds a touch of old-school feminity, one of Jisoo’s charms.

| Dior

3. Pinafores aplenty

A more standard take on the schoolgirl look compared to #1.

Jisoo rocked a similar look during promotions for “As If It’s Your Last”.


4. Picture of innocence

This eyelet laser-cut white frock is the very picture of innocence and clarity. It matches Jisoo’s image perfectly.

| Dior

5. School uniforms

Dior’s take on the classic preppy look.

| Dior

Jisoo herself has been known to rock school looks.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Dior also created the three-piece sets in different fabrics and colors.

| Dior

The uniform look is definitely a trademark of BLACKPINK’s as well as a cornerstone for K-Pop girl groups.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

We love that Dior’s uniform looks remain classy rather than tight and shortened.

| Dior

This one makes use of a cardigan and dress rather than a blazer and a skirt.

| Dior

What a sight! We can definitely see elements from Jisoo’s personal style woven in to the collection. We can’t wait to see Jisoo don some of them.

Source: theqoo