DREAMCATCHER Gets Fanchants For A TWICE Song During Sydney Concert

They performed a cover of TWICE’s “TT” and fans were hyped.

Thanks to a fancam, fans of DREAMCATCHER were able to enjoy an adorable cover of TWICE‘s song “TT”.  The video left fans feeling thrilled, although some were understandably bummed over the fact they were unable to see it in person.

i should have flown to australia…

—YouTube user YerinTheQueen

Although DREAMCATCHER is well-known for their epic execution of dark concepts and storyline, the energy and enthusiasm with which they performed the cover were undeniable. It’s no wonder the audience was unable to control themselves and broke out into fanchants! The moment was deemed legendary by InSomnia who couldn’t get enough of their talented queens.

Thank you for the video! The fanchants were amazing^^

—YouTube user 01Sebakan

For InSomnia who weren’t able to enjoy this fun moment in person, enjoy the fancam footage below: