Dreamcatcher Loves Their Fans So Much, They’ll Even Stop Their Concert To Acknowledge Them

It’s no wonder Insomnias return their love twice as hard!

Despite their dark, nightmare concepts, Dreamcatcher are actually soft cinnamon buns who love their fans more than anything. Their fans also make it a point to return that love twofold, whether it’s celebrating their accomplishments or standing up for them. Needless to say, Dreamcatcher and their Insomnia (their fans) have a very special bond.

Source: Dreamcatcher

During a concert, an Insomnia handed Siyeon a letter, which she read with intense earnestness.

Source: @velvetsiyeon/Twitter

Truly and sincerely, Siyeon took the time to read the fan’s letter right then and there.

Source: @velvetsiyeon/Twitter

While it’s unknown what the letter said, it obviously touched her heart enough for her to not only kiss the letter but to blow kisses to the fan as well!

Source: @velvetsiyeon/Twitter

Siyeon and the women of Dreamcatcher are truly too pure for this world. 🥺

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