Being Dumped For Someone Else Or Ghosted? K-Drama Actor Kang Ha Neul Chose Being Dumped and Explained Why

He gave the smartest reason for his answer.

K-Drama Actor Kang Ha Neul appeared in 2 Days 1 Night as part of promotions for Curtain Call, his latest series with actress Ha Ji Won.

He was made to play the This or That game and gave the most interesting and intelligent explanations for some of his answers.

When asked whether he preferred to have a cat or dog as a pet, Kang said he would like a cat more than a dog. He liked cats, even though he can’t have one for a pet because he’s allergic to them.

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Between being the best-looking against the smartest one, Kang chose to be the smartest one. The production staff joked about his choice, saying he probably decided to be the smartest one since he was already handsome, but Kang refuted this.

He said he realized that looks don’t matter much in life; it was better to be smart and reiterated his firm opinion.

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He chose cold over hot, reasoning that more clothing could warm the body. In contrast, when feeling hot or warm, it doesn’t get cooler when one takes off even all clothing, especially without air conditioning.

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Kang also said it was more acceptable to have his partner break up with him to be in a relationship with someone else instead of being ghosted. For him, having someone break up with him to be with someone else merely meant his partner found someone better than him. Ghosting meant his partner was already fed up with him.

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In his latest drama series, Curtain Call, Kang plays the role of Yoo Jae Heon, a struggling actor in an unknown theater company who does several part-time jobs to make ends meet. After being seen portraying a North Korean soldier in a play, an older man named Geum Soon asks Yoo to impersonate his North Korean grandson in exchange for ₩500 million KRW (about $365,000 USD).

The series started airing on October 31.

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