E’Dawn and Hui Admit Hyuna Can Be Scary At Times

E’Dawn and Hui talked about how Hyuna‘s personality is very different when she is working.

Triple H recently held their press conference for their reality show Triple H Detective Agency and the first Hyuna talked about working with E’Dawn and Hui in the subunit. Since the 3 of them share similar interests in music, they naturally got along well and had fun working together.

Hui then talked about working with Hyuna and how she has a scary image.

“Since Hyuna is both older than me and a senior in the industry, I am very respectful of her. It was not easy to approach her. There were times where she felt like an older sister watching over us, or a teacher instructing us, or a mother who took care of us with all her heart. I really learned a lot from her. I respect her even more now compared to when I was a trainee.”

— Triple H Hui

E’Dawn agreed with the idea that Hyuna can be scary and intimidating at times.

“First of all, it’s true that Hyuna can be scary. Usually she has a lot of aegyo and enjoys joking around. It’s quite scary how different she is from her usual self when she is working. She’s very professional when working that it seems scary.”

— Triple H E’Dawn

Source: TV Report