Edit Of TWICE’s Tzuyu With Short Hair Is Just As Stunning As ONCEs Thought

They can’t get enough of the look.

As promotional models for the mobile game DX: War of the New Century, newly released photos of TWICE have been gaining attention.


In one, Tzuyu looks gorgeous as always with her long, wavy hair. Upon seeing the look, a particular ONCE created an edit of something they’d all been curious to see.

Thinking it wouldn’t pique anyone’s interest, the ONCE turned Tzuyu’s long hair into a short, sleek bob that gave her more of a sophisticated look.

As soon as other ONCEs saw it, they couldn’t get enough of the look, hoping Tzuyu would really consider it for the future.

They aren’t wrong; Tzuyu with short hair is absolutely stunning. Just check out this higher quality version by Twitter user @xl_cloud_lx. What do you think of the look?