ENHYPEN Fans Popularize A Humble Chinese Restaurant In Korea Thanks To Jungwon

We would too, go there!

A tiny mom-and-pop Chinese cuisine stall in South Korea has become heavily popularized amongst ENHYPEN fans. This is all due to the fact that it shares the same name with one of the members, Jungwon.

Jungwon’s full name is Yang Jungwon. The restaurant, located in Ah-hyeon, Seoul, is named Yang Jung Won as well. From the outside, the restaurant is super unassuming. According to fans, they only have three tables!

According to fans, the other stores that did well around the area all started with “Yang Jung”. This was a whole 22 years ago. He had wanted to name it Yang Jung Gak but later decided on Yang Jung Won!

Fans even joked that since there were only three tables, they should set up picnic mats in the empty parking lot next to the store.

Fans began to collect the chopsticks from the store as it had the name printed on it.

According to fans, the owner of the store would give fans extra chopsticks to bring home whenever he saw them taking out their albums or photocards or talking about the boys.

Fans soon began to create their own Chinese restaurant themed fanmade goods.

The food honestly looks delicious too, so we wouldn’t mind paying a visit! Kudos to the fans for supporting small businesses in a time like this.

Source: theqoo