Epik High Tablo’s Unusual Breakfast Food Combination Shocks Fans

Where do you stand on this food debate?

Epik High‘s Tablo often shares random tidbits of his daily life on Twitter.

Epik High’s Tablo | @blobyblo/Twitter

He’s talked about the joy of walking his daughter Haru to school while listening to the same musical artists together…

…and he’s mentioned his love for playing video games.

While fans often chime in to comment on his tweets, on May 22, Tablo shared a food related hot take that was perhaps too much for readers to handle.

You heard correctly, Tablo likes to mix cereal…

Cereal with milk | @nadiajunephotography/Instagram

…and boba (bubble tea) together.

Bubble tea | @thebrewcoffeeandtapllc/Instagram

One Twitter user asked Tablo to clarify his position on the combination. Cereal is usually enjoyed with milk, so using the milk tea from the bubble tea as a replacement for cereal milk might not be that significant of a change.

However, with his response, it is clear that Tablo eats cereal with milk tea and the chewy tapioca boba pearls.

Tablo’s tweet sparked a wave of comments from confused and concerned readers.

Not all of the reactions to the food combination were negative, however. A few fans seemed to be genuinely interested in trying out the bubble tea cereal mixture, so they asked Tablo for a detailed recipe.

Last but not least, a few commenters jokingly gave Tablo recommendations for other bubble tea inspired food combinations.

Tablo isn’t the only K-Pop artist to enjoy unusual food combinations. If you are interested in seeing a unique combination that GOT7‘s Jackson enjoys on a regular basis, click below to read more.

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