Eric Nam Showered With Praise After Literally Driving The Extra Mile For His Fans

Eric really is one of the sweetest idols!

In between making amazing music videos and performing onstage, Eric Nam goes the extra mile to make his fans even happier. Two weeks ago, Eric convinced a father to let his daughter attend his concert, and now he just took some extra steps to meet up with his fans!


After landing in Singapore, Eric found out he would be exiting from a private terminal. Instead of keeping things on the down low, he decided to do an extra loop in the car so that he had a chance to say hi to his fans and even tweeted them about it.


He also kept everyone up to date on where he was going to be.


When his car was too tall for certain portions of arrival area, he apologized and told fans where he was going to be stationed instead.


Fans immediately hunted for his location so that they could meet with him.


When Eric was finally able to meet them, he took the time to step out of his van and take a few selfies!


After warming many hearts with his kind and amazing gesture, his fans decided to return the favor and took to Twitter to shower him with love.


And the love just kept pouring in!


His fans truly love him and he loves them back. Eric really is one of the sweetest idols around!