Eric Nam Shows Love For Latin American Culture In “Potion” Music Video

Fans are praising Eric Nam for his respective portrayal of Latin American culture.

Idols risk backlash when they choose to include elements from foreign cultures in their music and videos, but fans are praising Eric Nam‘s fusion of Korean and Latin American cultures in “Potion”.


The song has strong electropop vibes mixed with Latin American-style strings. It is a true marriage of sounds since neither one overpowers the other.


The videos for “Potion” and “Honestly” were filmed in the gorgeous city of Guanajuato, Mexico.


The “Potion” music video uses classic, romantic lighting to tell a love story between Eric Nam and a mysterious Latin American actress.


The video’s rich blues…


…and yellows…


…reflect the vibrant colors commonly found in Latin American art and textiles.

Tree of Life clay sculpture. Photo © Adam Jones/Flickr.


Eric Nam also showcases Mexican art…


…traditional dancers…


…and a mariachi band with the utmost respect.


In the past, many K-Celebs have come under fire for appropriation, even racism. CLG-Dragon, and EXO‘s Kai are just some of the many idols who have been accused of appropriating another culture.


Eric Nam is being praised for having avoided the same pitfalls by immersing himself in Latin American culture rather than cherry-picking from it. In the “Potion” music video, Eric Nam directly involves Mexican people, to shine light on their beauty and talents, rather than attempting to represent their culture himself.


This respectful approach is causing fans to hail “Potion” as a successful union between two unique cultures.


“Potion” has given many K-Pop fans a taste of Latin American music and even inspired them to learn more about the culture.


Check out Eric Nam’s new music video here!


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