Eric Nam’s Flawless Skin Is Being Attributed To Him Not Smoking And Drinking

Blemishes who?

Many of us have no choice but to go through life with, at the very least, some blemishes on our skin. Some people however are more lucky than the rest of us.

One of these people is Korean-American singer and host Eric Nam. Eric Nam has recently been garnering attention for his flawless skin.

Who wouldn’t be envious of his “glass skin” doesn’t have even a single blemish?

Even in close-up pictures, his skin still looks like perfection.

Not to mention his pearly white teeth.

Some netizens are attributing his clear skin and white teeth to the fact that he does not smoke and drink alcohol. Others however believe smoking and drinking have nothing to do with it.

His skin was always good…Me too I never smoked my entire life and I don’t drink that often but my skin is trash…ㅠㅠ

– Korean Netizen

You just have to be born with it…

– Korean Netizen

What do you think is the reason for his flawless skin?