LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Goes Viral For Her Enthusiasm And Down-To-Earth Side On Her First Trip Overseas

Her unnies fully indulged her.

LE SSERAFIM recently headed to Japan for their first overseas schedule and no one was more excited than their maknae, Eunchae. It was Eunchae’s very first trip overseas! While she had been on airplanes before, they were only to domestic regions within South Korea. This would mark her first time abroad. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she gushed about the experience to fans on their regular vlogging content, [FIM-LOG].

As Eunchae is only 17 years old in Korea, it’s more than natural that she hasn’t yet experienced going overseas. Given that the last two years were spent battling the pandemic, she probably wasn’t able to travel then either. On the other hand, members Sakura and Chaewon previously traveled plenty as part of IZ*ONE, while Yunjin and Kazuha both flew from overseas to South Korea when they became trainees. Eunchae spent most of her flight looking out the window.

She was so adorable that Chaewon couldn’t help but snap a quick picture of the maknae.

Even after they landed, Eunchae spent her time looking out the van window, taking in the sights. This was her first time overseas, afterall!

Her unnies absolutely adore her! They even took a photo with the airport cartoon mascot upon Eunchae’s request.

It was on Eunchae’s must-do list for travel! The photo came out great as LE SSERAFIM indulged in their maknae‘s whims.

The moment soon went viral after it was reposted onto a community site. It garnered over 66,000 views. Everyone gushed over how cute Eunchae was. The moment soon went viral as netizens were amazed by how down-to-earth the teen was.

Netizen reactions to Eunchae. | theqoo
  • “Crazy, f*cking cute.”
  • “Ah, cute”
  • “Gasp, she’s so cute. I need to look the video up.”
  • “So cute.”

It’s not every day that we get to see an idol being so fresh and excited about traveling! Of course, Eunchae will get used to it soon enough. Check out the full vlog below.

Source: theqoo