Eunji Gives Her Heartfelt Opinion On Idols Dating

She just wants idols to be treated positively.

Apink is one of the longest-running girl groups at the moment, as they have been together since 2011. They also have a reputation as a group that has caused little (if any) dating scandals.

There’s this unwritten “rule” that idols shouldn’t be able to date due to the “shock” it could cause to the fans and that it could cause them to stop supporting. Eunji revealed that she doesn’t understand this taboo for idols and that idols should be encouraged to date. That they are at the prime time to date (late teens, early 20’s) and it’s the perfect time to start seeing who they match with.

Eunji even wants idols to be free to date and reveal their relationships, that they shouldn’t try to hide it from anybody. That dating should be looked at in a positive aspect and not something that should be looked down upon.

Eunji does acknowledge why idols are cautious of dating and that this idea of hurting their fans is stuck on her mind constantly.

In the end, Shin Dong Yup gives a great comment on the value of dating at an early age and how it allows young people to recognize the great characteristics or values of a person.