Even Dogs Can’t Help But Fall For NU’EST’s JR…And We Don’t Blame Them

Dogs know who’s hot!

NU’EST’s JR and Aron appeared as guests on the KBS 2TV show Dogs Are Incredible to help find the solution to a dog that had become sensitive after their owner had been in the hospital for a long time.

The featured dog showed signs of aggression and wariness towards the broadcast staff and people they were unfamiliar with as well.

MC Lee Gyung Kyu, JR, and Aron met with the dog first and was surprised to find the dog sniffing around JR. Not long after, the dog began to wag their tail and show signs of excitement around him, shocking everyone on site.

K-9 specialist Kang Hyung Wook could not believe his eyes after seeing the dog’s actions around JR. Kang began to observe the dogs behavior, only to shock him and the dog owner once again.

The dog proved to be a true JR fan as it continued to only show signs of excitement and happiness towards him throughout the filming process. The dog followed only JR around even outside the house, wagging its tail. Quite shocked, Kang commented, “What did you spray before coming here?” being truly curious as to how this was possible.

This episode will air on August 3 at 10:40 PM KST.

Source: mydaily