Here’s What Every IZ*ONE Member Has Been Getting Up To During The Drought

Have you missed them?

It’s been three months since the Mnet vote manipulation scandal forced IZ*ONE onto hiatus, and the closer their February 17 comeback gets, the more fans can’t wait to see them again. Wondering what all the members have been getting up to while you’ve been waiting for Bloom*Iz to drop? Here’s where they’ve been spotted in the last month or so.



It looks like leader Eunbi has been spending some of her free time catching up with old friends. Hady, a fellow member of Eunbi’s former group YeA, posted a snap on her Instagram story of herself and some friends enjoying snacks together.

She captioned the photo “silver rain”—the English translation of “eun bi”.



Sakura’s most recent sighting was at the airport on January 17. Where was she going? The answer will warm your heart.

She and Nako were spotted attending the HKT48 concert together the next day!


February 7 marked the graduation date of numerous idols who attended Hanlim Multi Art School, including ITZY’s Chaeryeong and Ryujin. One of the non-famous students who graduated that day was Hyewon’s younger brother.

Yena & Yuri

So far, no one has managed to snap a pic of Yena or Yuri during the hiatus. However, back in December, the two did leave signatures at a Korean BBQ restaurant near the dorm along with Wonyoung.


Fans expected to see Chaeyeon visiting her birthday ads in January, just like she had done the year before.

But if she did, she must have disguised herself well, because fans couldn’t find her. There was, however, a WIZ*ONE who said they saw Chaeyeon out and about with faded yellow hair tips.


Back on December 24, a WIZ*ONE uploaded a photo of Minju enjoying drinks at a café. But the photo only shows the girl’s back, so how could anyone possibly prove it was her?

Easy, according to a Korean fan: the shoelaces. One side is tied with the laces drooping down, and the other is tied with the laces sticking up—a trend they’ve noticed before. No wonder the fan had netizens replying “Mom, I’m scared” and “You’re crazy!”


Chaewon once promised Minju that the two would take their driver’s tests together. But it seems like Chaewon ditched that plan, because Chaewon was spotted taking her test back on January 7.

WIZ*ONE are hoping she passed! They’re also hoping she’ll fulfil her other promise to Minju a few days before “Fiesta” is released—attending her SOPA graduation ceremony.


Alongside traveling to Japan for the HKT48 concert with Sakura, Nako was also spotted heading back and forth on her own early in January.


Hitomi has been spotted a few times by fans recently. Like the rest of IZ*ONE’s J-line, she’s been traveling back and forth between Japan and Korea during her break.

One fan also spotted her shopping—coincidentally wearing the same coat Chaewon wore to her driving test!


There haven’t been any confirmed Yujin sightings for a while, but one fan claimed she saw her at a Subway station with her hair tied up and airpods in.

Another said she spotted Yujin celebrating the New Year with friends at the COEX countdown.


Maknae Wonyoung is also yet to be spotted. The best WIZ*ONE have so far is the photo of someone entering a restaurant from behind, which a fan claimed might be Wonyoung because of her height.

Another also said they saw Wonyoung out with her sister.