Everyone Is Blowing Into Gloves Like Jeon Ji Hyun To Achieve This Effect

Jeon Ji Hyun‘s technique of blowing into a rubber glove is now becoming a popular technique among Korean women in maintaining their youth.

In the popular 2014 drama My Love From the Star, Jeon Ji Hyun’s character often blew into a rubber glove as an effective method for reducing free oxygen radicals in the body.

Having too many oxygen radicals can lead to oxidative stress, and in the worst case scenarios, can lead to cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and many other diseases. It has also been linked to aging.

Jeon Ji Hyun practiced this technique in the drama upon finding out that Kim Soo Hyun was an alien, as it allegedly helped people maintain a youthful appearance.

Jeon Ji Hyun’s character in My Love From the Star blowing into a rubber glove. Source: lunatiique

On a recent episode of ChannelA‘s well-being show, Body God, this technique was brought up again, and the panel members all participated in learning how to do the technique most effectively.

The technique itself is quite easy: first, breathe in through your nose and hold your breath for 1-2 seconds. Then, breathe out very slowly into a rubber glove with a small hole in the fingertip. After doing this activity for a minute, march in place for 2 minutes while lightly shaking your hands to promote blood flow.

The glove must have a small hole on one of its fingertips.

This move will help pump one’s blood, and in the process promote better circulation of oxygen, resulting in reduced free oxygen radicals and a more youthful face!

Watch the segment below!

Source: Insight