Evidence Shows Red Velvet Seulgi Hasn’t Aged A Day In 10 Years

Red Velvet Seulgi must bathe in the fountain of youth because she hasn’t aged a day in 10 years.

When Seulgi was just a student, she was always incredibly pretty. 

She had beautiful, clear skin. 

Seulgi’s smile was always bright. 

She was a precious student. 

As she got older, she maintained her youthful look!

If Seulgi weren’t an idol, she could be a model. 

She still had clear skin. 

As an SMROOKIE, Seulgi was a true visual. 

Talented and pretty, Seulgi is a golden idol. 

She was full of style and light. 

That bright smile has never faded.  

Her glowing hair has remained the same over the years.

Seulgi is 23 but still looks like a teenager. 

She looks great with any hair color. 

Her eyes are full of love for her fans.