This Is Exactly How Many Ads Wanna One Shot Since They Debuted

In Korea, advertisements mark the level of fame an idol has achieved in their career. It has only been three months after Wanna One’s debut and indeed their popularity is on the rise by how many ads they have shot since their debut!

1. innisfree (Make-up)

2. Yohai (Snacks)

3. K-SWISS (Clothing Brand)

4. Hite Extra Cold (Beer)

5. Ivy Club (School Uniform)

6. The Musician (Gaming App)

7. Samsung Pay Shopping (Payment App)

8. Cold Brew (Coffee)

9. SNOW (Camera App)

10. Lotteria (Hamburger)

11. Mexicana (Chicken)

12. Eider (Outdoor Clothing)

13. Clean (Perfume)

14. LENS NINE (Contact Lenses)

15. CGV Combo Set (Movie Theater)

16. think nature (Drugstore)

Source: Dispatch