EXID reveal the female idols they’ve fallen in love with

The members of EXID picked which female idol they have recently been fangirling over.

EXID recently appeared on Lee Hong Ki’s Kiss the Radio to promote their album Eclipse and members Hani, LE, and Junghwa chose the female idol that they have fallen for.

Junghwa is known for being a huge fan of IU and expressed her excitement meeting her at a music show broadcast.

“Recently at a music broadcast, I was able to meet IU. I was able to personally greet her and we exchanged albums. It was amazing.”

— EXID Junghwa

Hani then shared her love of Oh My Girl‘s Arin. She has not been shy about showing her love of Arin in the past, even asking for her autograph while she was on Weekly Idol.

“She’s pretty. She’s close to my ideal type. She has a face that I think is pretty. Recently our promotions have been overlapping and I just think she’s really beautiful.”

— EXID Hani

LE surprised everyone in the studio by choosing fellow EXID member Hyerin. The reason she chose Hyerin was that she is not concerned about what she says, instead choosing to speak freely.

See the video below to see Hani fangirl over Arin

Source: Herald Pop