EXO Baekhyun Always Does This To Express His Love For EXO-L

EXO‘s Baekhyun makes headlines with his adorable habit of expressing his love for EXO-Ls.

A  dedicated fan noticed that the SM Entertainment artist does this cute hand gesture to express his endearing love to EXO-Ls. Baekhyun is seen forming an L with his hand which symbolizes the L in EXO-Ls.

The fan complied a few photos of Baekhyun showing off the lovable hand gesture at different events and even tweeted his adorable habit as a fluttering moment for Aeris, a nickname Baekhyun coined for EXO-Ls.

The tweet was retweeted more than 600 times as Baekhyun’s kind gesture goes viral.

Check out the photos below!

Baekhyun makes eye-contact with the camera and without hesitation, he does the L sign.
Baekhyun cutely making an L sign with these adorable toys to EXO-Ls.
Even with his toy duck in his hand, he never fails to show his affection to EXO-Ls.
In his “Take You Home” music video, Baekhyun sneakily forms the L sign as he sings to the actress.

What a kind and warm gesture by Baekhyun!