EXO’s Baekhyun Revealed The Secret To His Bright White Socks And Nobody Knows How To React

Absolutely no one was expecting the secret behind his white socks:

If there is one thing we can deduce after looking at all kinds of EXO content and watching every Baekhyun video, it’s that Baekhyun has the brightest and whitest socks to ever exist. In fact, netizens are pretty sure they’ve never seen a single smudge, dirt smear, or discoloration of any kind on Baekhyun’s socks!


But how does Baekhyun keep his socks so blindingly white? Well, that’s what fans have been wanting to know and after begging him for an answer, Baekhyun finally revealed the secrets behind his snow-white footwear…it’s just not what anyone was expecting!


In a post that has been going viral, a Korean EXO-L revealed that during a recent fan event, Baekhyun finally divulged his sock secret. While fans were expecting something like bleach or maybe some special washing method, it turns out that Baekhyun’s secret to perfect spotless socks is…


New socks!

I asked Baekhyun about his socks and he said that he buys a new pair every time his socks get dirty. He also said that a lot of fans had asked him about his socks!



That’s right! According to the fan at the event, when Baekhyun’s socks get really dirty he adds a new white pair to his collection!


But after everyone found out how they too could have Baekhyun’s super white socks, they weren’t really sure how to react. Some EXO-Ls couldn’t help cracking up over the whole thing…


While others were 100% ready to teach Baekhyun their own method of washing socks so he wouldn’t have to buy new ones when they got dirty!


Meanwhile, some fans even joked they were ready to raid Baekhyun’s closet to save the older socks!


But even if no one is quite sure how they should react to Baekhyun’s sock secret, everyone is in agreement that Baekhyun’s socks are the brightest of them all!