A Pilot Witnessed EXO Chanyeol’s Star Power With His Own Eyes And His Reaction Said It All

The pilot’s reaction is way too cute!

While some lucky fans have been able to witness EXO Chanyeol‘s star power in person, one airplane pilot recently got the chance to see it with his own eyes and his reaction said it all!


A few days ago, Chanyeol took the fashion world by storm during the Acqua di Parmi Boutique Opening Gala Dinner in Milan. While Chanyeol shone incredibly bright at the event, he also dazzled at the airport when he was getting ready to head back home.


But it wasn’t Chanyeol’s stunning visuals that caught the attention of one plane pilot at the airport, it was all the fans waiting to say their goodbyes and wish Chanyeol a safe trip home.


As Chanyeol waited in line for the check, one pilot struck up a conversation with Chanyeol. According to fans there, Chanyeol even explained to the pilot that the crowd of people were his fans.


But it seems that Chanyeol’s bright and sweet personality definitely left a good impression on the pilot because when Chanyeol moved forward in line, the pilot turned towards EXO-Ls, pointed at Chanyeol, and then gave a big thumbs up!


Although the moment was brief, it quickly caught the attention of EXO-Ls who melted over the adorable interaction…


And the pilot’s cute reaction to Chanyeol!