EXO’s Chen Added A “UN Village” Twist To Their “Power” Performance That Had His Members Going Wild

EXO are true “rolling rolling” enthusiasts!

At their latest EXplOration stop in Yokohama, EXO once again delivered with flawless performances, hilarious and fun interactions, and sweet ments. But this particular stop also had a unique “Power” performance that EXO-Ls all around the world are absolutely loving!


Throughout their EXplOration tour, EXO has been having some extra fun with their “Power” performances by switching things up during the “Power” spin moment and during this concert, they decided to put a special “UN Village” twist to the move!


As the song geared up for the dance break, EXO-Ls waited in anticipation to see what EXO would do this time. And they weren’t disappointed because it was pure beagle line goodness!


It started with Chanyeol calling for Chen to hurry across the stage to take on the “Power” move. This, in turn, had Chen running to meet up with his members before he launched into the “rolling rolling” choreography from Baekhyun‘s “UN Village”!


With Chen bringing the body rolls, who else should join in but Baekhyun!


With Baekhyun and Chen dancing, EXO’s “rolling rolling” enthusiast Chanyeol had to start rolling along too! And seeing his hyungs having so much fun, Kai decided to join in all the fun with the beagle line!


The “rolling rolling club,” meanwhile, has been getting a huge thumbs up of approval from EXO-L who are loving the unexpected and hilariously awesome moment.


EXO giving us the “UN Village” and “Power” crossover that we didn’t know we needed but seriously did!