EXO’s Chen Will Leave You Speechless With His Never Before Seen Talent

How did he do that?

Everyone knows that idols have to be pretty quick on their feet not only to impress fans with their fancy footwork but also to get changed for their next performance in a timely manner. While many idols can change quickly enough, EXO‘s Chen has just proven to be a quick change master!


JTBC recently released unseen footage that had been cut from broadcasted shows over the past year and one of those cuts was from EXO’s appearance on Knowing Brothers and shows Chen’s jaw-dropping talent.


It all started with a battle between Xiumin, Kai, Chen, and Lee Soo Geun to see who could get a sock off the fastest without using their hands.


Chen’s movements were so fast that if you blinked you probably missed it!


Of course, his speedy moves obviously made him win that round!


To test him even further, Lee Soo Geun once again stepped up for a one-on-one challenge with the singer.


Within a matter of seconds, it was obvious that Chen really did have a talent for changing quickly…


And of course, he was the first to emerge from behind the curtain in a matter of only a few seconds.


With a check that all buttons were in place, Chen was declared the victor and left everyone impressed with his quick-changing skills.


Check out the moment below and prepare to be blown away!