Why Being An EXO Fan In India Comes With Serious Struggles

While being a foreign EXO fan is bound to have its share of struggles, Indian EXO-Ls have an especially amusing struggle when it comes to being fans of the group.

From not being on a tour route to being the only one in your town who knows who EXO is, EXO-Ls around the world have various struggles when it comes to being EXO fans in their respective countries. Indian fans have their own unique struggle as not only is EXO not very well known within the country, but a popular brand of cleaning supplies goes by the name “EXO” as well.

This fact causes some confusion among Indians who often misunderstand the situation when EXO-Ls refer to the SM Entertainment group by name and express their love for EXO.

One EXO-L, however, has made lemonade out of lemons and jokes that, on the bright side, owning EXO branded products allows her to say that she owns EXO.

Who knew EXO could bring light to your life and your dishes?
Is this what it’s like to have all the members of EXO in your kitchen?
Free EXO? Yes, please.

Indonesian EXO-Ls, it seems, also share a similar struggle with their Indian counterparts as EXO is the brand name of an Indonesian coffee company.

EXO brand cold coffee — the marketing possibilities are endless.