Everyone Is Cracking Up Over EXO’s Very Different Gayo Endings

Let’s just say Chanyeol’s energy levels know no bounds!

Within the span of a few days, we’ve enjoyed the performances at SBS‘s Gayo Daejeon 2018: The Wave as well as KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje. EXO-Ls have been particularly lucky with some incredible performances from both shows but there’s been one thing about the Gayos that has everyone cracking up and it’s got nothing to do with EXO‘s performances.


At the end of Gayo Daejeon, EXO was spotted greeting Wanna One




As well as WINNER!


They waved to fans…


And were just all around cute!


Then there was there was the ending for Gayo Daechukje! Where Kai‘s dancing…


And an added Chanyeol


Soon turned into this…


With a little bit of this…


And this!


The group definitely popped off and, no surprise, everyone noticed!


Netizens have been cracking up at the very different Gayo endings…


And just falling even further for the group!



But with dangerous moves like that, how could you not fall for them!